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Sacramento Safari Club is dedicated to worldwide and local conservation of wildlife and wild lands, promotion of sport hunting and fishing, and promotion of outdoor education.  We also vigorously support projects that educate the public to the invaluable efforts of sportsmen and sportswomen; the true conservationists.


We work very hard to accumulate exciting and worthwhile hunting and fishing trips from reputable outfitters, who have graciously donated to our chapter's efforts.  We also offer hunting-related merchandise and other items, trying to provide something for everyone's interest.  We hope you appreciate our efforts by bidding.


SSC has made every effort to ensure the quality of donated hunts and trips.  However, we cannot guarantee the satisfaction of either the donor or the buyer.  Some hunts don't produce due to bad weather or lack of game or for reasons unforeseen.  We can only guarantee that the hunt you bought is as it is described and that it was presented to us by a reputable outfitter.  Sale of this hunt or trip shall be considered final, as long as all conditions as stated on the Hunt Donor Form are met by the donor.  SSC cannot accept responsibility for provisions not donated by the outfitter.


The Auctioneer will not read the full description of each item.  Please carefully read the provisions of any hunt that interests you, and do not bid unless you are certain that the hunt fulfills your expectations of that trip.


By making your bid you have accepted ownership of the auction item. You are responsible for payment of the auction item according to the payment terms, this means payment is due in full on the evening of the auction.  


When purchasing a hunt or trip, you will be asked to fill out and sign an Auction Buyer Form.  A copy of this form will be mailed to the donor.  Similarly, you will be given the donor's information. It now becomes your responsibility and that of the donor to contact each other in a reasonable time.


In the rare circumstance that your hunt is not fulfilled as described, please contact Sacramento Safari Club's Hunt Committee.  They will try to mediate to everyone's satisfaction.


All merchandise is sold as is and SSC does not offer any warranties of any kind with respect to the state of or the use of the item.  We have tried to present quality merchandise for you, making certain of its faultless state.  Please be certain of the condition of the item before you bid.


The auctioneer and his staff are responsible for the live auction.  Their rules must be followed explicitly.  All decisions of the auctioneer will be final.  The auctioneer will decide any disputes regarding the bidding during the auction.
And finally, relax and spend some money, have a few drinks, visit with friends, have a great evening and let's all raise a lot of money for wildlife!

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