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Member Name:  Dennis Smith

Species Name: European Fallow Deer

Location: N.Z., S.I., Otago

Guide: Phil Wilson

Outfitter: NZ Hunt & Fish

Score:  226 2/8

Date Taken: 05-11-2002

Method of Take: Muzzleloader

Top 10 Date: 08-01-2003

Member Name:  Gary Markofer

Species Name: Northwestern Whitetail Deer

Location: Sask., Swan River

Guide: Chris Switzer

Outfitter: Bear Valley Outfitters

Score:  221 2/8

Date Taken: 10-07-1991

Method of Take: Rifle

Top 10 Date: 04-07-2001

Member Name:  Rick E. Lamb

Species Name: Desert Mule Deer




Score:  222 5/8

Date Taken: 

Method of Take: Rifle

Top 10 Date: 

Member Name:  Preston Wayne Finney

Species Name: Columbia Blacktail Deer




Score:  177 3/8

Date Taken: 

Method of Take: Rifle

Top 10 Date: 

Member Name:  Colleen Cline

Species Name: Black Rhino

Location: Mpumalanga Province,     South Africa

Guide: Peter Thormahlen

Outfitter: Thormahlen & Cochran Safaris

Score:  66 3/8

Date Taken: 8-27-2005

Method of Take: Dart Hunt

Top 10 Date: Ranked #1 Gold Medal at SCI 2/24/2006

Member Name:  Michael Hoppis

Species Name: Whitetail Deer

Location: Oregon

Guide: Self-guided Hunt

Score:  111 6/8

Date Taken: 12-12-2010

Method of Take: Rifle

Top 10 Date: Pending #1 Columbian Whitetail


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