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Today, more than ever, our conservation and hunting interests must be protected. Most Californians know there have been serious losses of habitat for wildlife and reductions of wildlife populations. We have joined together because we share the same desire to preserve wildlife, promote conservation education and protect hunting interests for today and for the generations to come.


Specifically, the Sacramento Safari Club wishes to:


  • Actively promote conservation of our wildlife resources by funding conservation/education projects, supporting legislative action and offering manpower for special wildlife projects.

  • Educate its members and the public about critical conservation and hunting matters.

  • Protect the rights of gun owners and teach firearms safety.

  • Raise money to fund worthy conservation and education programs that benefit the general public.

  • Offer opportunities for fellowship to people who share concern about or interest in wildlife and hunting.



The Sacramento Safari Club's most fundamental commitment is to actively promote education and wildlife projects for the public good. Over the years, many programs have been funded locally, statewide, nationally and internationally such as:


  • Polar Bears: The SSC purchased and donated two polar bears to the Sacramento Zoological Society.

  • Deer Studies: The Club has provided funds to assist with separate field studies of many California deer herds, including the Angel Island, Tehama, Railroad Flat and Eastern Sierra herds.

  • Black Rhino Propagation Project: The SSC gave funds to the Mzuri Safari to help preserve this endangered species through a special breeding program in Texas.

  • Matetsi Project: The Zimbabwe African Conservation Group received funds for well-digging equipment to build a watering hole for wildlife. In addition, this group had 5-7 years of wildlife data but no computer or software to process this information. The SSC purchased and loaned the needed items to the project to benefit wildlife.

  • Blue Bag Project: SSC Hunters deliver bags to Africa filled with school supplies, washable items, etc. for the locals.

  • Sensory Safari: SSC hosts the Sensory Safari booth and the International Sportsmans Expo in Sacramento where children and families can touch a variety of furs and mounts while learning about local and exotic animals.




Frequently, many voices are better than one. Over the years, we have worked cooperatively with other groups, such as:

  • Sportsmen's Roundtable

  • Yosemite Natural History Society

  • Society for the Conservation of Bighorn Sheep

  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

  • California Wildlife Federation

  • California Turkey Association

  • California Waterfowl Association.



Recognizing my responsibilities to wildlife, habitat and future generations, I pledge:

  • To conduct myself in the field so as to make a positive contribution to wildlife and ecosystems.

  • To improve my skills as a woodsmen and marksman to ensure humane harvesting of wildlife.

  • To comply with all game laws, the concept of fair chase, and to influence my companions accordingly. 

  • To accept my responsibility to provide all possible assistance to game law enforcement officers.

  • To waste no opportunity to teach young people the full meaning of this code of ethics.

  • To reflect in word and behavior only credit upon the fraternity of sportsmen, and to demonstrate abiding respect for the game, habitat and property where I am privileged to hunt.

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