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Do you have friends that hunt?  Do you feel that you can’t share your passion about hunting and conservation with those around you?


Sacramento Safari Club (SSC) is FUN!  When you join, you will: make new friends; enjoy many social, community and political events; have nearly unlimited access to hunting, outdoor and hunting related issues.  We need and want new members.  You will be welcomed with open arms by people who share your passion for the outdoors.


SSC is a group of men and women who are truly passionate about hunting.  We have all come together to enjoy our fellowship with each other.  Members are female, male, young, old, famous, not-so-famous, poor, comfortable and rich.  We are, “First for Hunters.”  That is all hunters from the casual squirrel and bird hunter to dedicated international hunters.  We understand that hunting gives game animals value.  Without this value, game in many areas would be poached for trophies (like ivory) or food and would be lost to our children and grandchildren.​

What does SSC offer you?  


Camaraderie with fellow hunters.  We hold several large functions throughout the year including:  

  • Annual fundraiser

  • Membership and Board of Directors Meeting

  • Awards Banquet

  • Christmas Party.  


We sponsor community affairs including:

  • Hunter Safety courses

  • Interscholastic Clay Target competition

  • Youth pheasant hunt

  • Annual Leadership School for deserving local teachers.


We keep members abreast of local, state and federal political issues that may affect future hunting and/or rights to own and bear arms.  We encourage all our members to participate in the political process regarding these issues.


SSC offers our members the opportunity to participate in activities ranging from occasional attendance at our annual events to participation in all the activities of Safari Club International.  The possibilities for participation are only limited by your imagination.


Please join us.  The cost is modest and the rewards are as great as you want to make them.

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