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10 guns • 10 winners

1 TICKET = $20 | 3 TICKETS = $50 | 7 TICKETS = $100

  • The drawing is closed. Congratulations to all of the winners (listed below)

  1. Winner of the 6.5 34 calibur rifle:  Vince B.  Ticket #1241

  2. Winner of the Tikka T3X Light 223 calibur:  Carl M.  Ticket #1479

  3. Winner of the Winchester 270 XPR:  Jim K.  Ticket #2386

  4. Winner of the Winchester SX4 12 ga.:  Topper V.  Ticket #1146

  5. Winner of the Binelli 12 ga.:  Vince B.  Ticket #1224

  6. Winner of the Berretta A300 12 ga.:  Bob G.  Ticket #1180

  7. Winner of the Browning BL22:  Mitch L.  Ticket #2205

  8. Winner of the Citori CXS 20ga.:  Phil G.  Ticket #2556

  9. Winner of the CZ 6.5 Grendell:  Billy G.  Ticket #2356

  10. Winner of the CZ Magnum 612:  Todd E.  Ticket #1267

You may call Dan at Birds Landing starting Thursday, Feb. 4th, @ 707.374.5092 to make an appointment to pick up or transfer the gun.


If transferring, be sure to provide Dan with the name and address of your local FFL gun dealer and have the gun shipped there. Your only cost will be the payment of the DROS fee (California Dealer Record of Sale). Other states will likely have a similar fee. 


Again, thank you for your support of the Sacramento Safari Club.

If you have and questions or would like information on Sacramento Safari Club membership, please call Ken Baccetti 415.602.1298


These are stock images of the guns. If you would like an exact photo of the gun on the fundraiser, please contact us -

Savage Axis II Xp 6.5 creedmore Rifle
Tikka T3x Lite 22-250 rifle
Winchester XPR 270 rifle Scope Combo
8 Winchester SX4 12 gauge shotgun
Benelli Ethos 12 gauge shotgun
Beretta A300 12 gauge shotgun
Browning BL-22 22LR rifle
Browning CXS White 20 gauge shotgun
CZ 527 American 6.5 grendel rifle
CZ 612 Magnum Waterfowl 12 gauge
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  • All guns are property of the Sacramento Safari Club.

  • All guns are new and boxed in the original packaging/box.

  • Guns will be drawn in the order indicated on the fundraiser tickets.

  • Guns can be shipped to any state Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer of the winner's choice at the expense of the Sacramento Safari Club. Shipping will be UPS ground.

  • Guns cannot be exchanged.

  • Guns must be claimed within 45 days of the drawing. If not claimed within 45 days, guns will remain the property of the Sacramento Safari Club.

  • Personal information provided for the Gun Draw will be used solely for the Sacramento Safari Club fundraising efforts.

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