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SCI Quarterly Board Meeting

I attended the SCI Board meeting in Washington D.C. the week of May 8th.

I gave the R3 committee our contact for the Boy Scouts. We are asking the Boy Scouts to have their counsels contact us about events we sponsor. We are sharing our events, a start at groups working together. Wednesday we had a CCC meeting at our DC office. This is another coalition. So far 40 to 50 groups have had some discussion. The plan is to have each group put up $10,000.00 and have a survey about the opinions of non-hunters towards hunting. From there launch a campaign to educate the general public. This will be in the millions but doable - hunting groups, sporting goods dealers, gun manufacturers, ammo company's and even state fish and wildlife departments. If hunting goes away they will all be negatively affected. Like out of business! Thursday was lobby day and raining cats and dogs. 9 chapters in California and the total lobbing was 3 people. Tom Mattusch, Orv Hudspedt and me! I think the total from SCI was 77 and some of those were lobbyists. With that kind of apathy we will not win. We had appointments with Denham, Nunes, Issa, McClintock and Royce. We made 2 cold calls on Jackie Spear and Kamala Harris. I have the packets we briefed them on and will bring to our next board meeting for review. Friday was committee day and I almost canceled the California meeting. As of Thursday night it would have been Tom and I, but I thought twice. Good thing I did - Dennis Anderson, Bob Keagy, Orv and Anna Seidman showed up. Anna asked me to attend her Advocacy meeting. It seems she is trying to start in other states what our coalition in doing. Our main discussion was how do we get these chapters to come to the plate? I know why Redding was not there they had there banquet. I was the only chapter president from California.

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