SSC Member Meeting Recap

We had a total of 23 members attend. Message of the evening: how do we get members more involved? President Don Giottonini went over the R3 Task Force: Please promote R3 events to your membership and all contacts you have. See Complete Events list by Ctrl - Clicking here Welcome Tom Bors and Ryan Watts as new SSC Board members! As stated in the above ‘Hunters Corner’ article, Tom served as Napa Chapter President. We are always looking for innovative ideas on how to engage our membership. Please forward your ideas to us for future consideration. If anyone is interested in reading the meeting minutes, please contact Colleen Cline at or 916-215-1388.

SSC Humanitarian Education

SSC Humanitarian Award winner and member Robert Deitz had a chance to speak with 50 high school students on conservation last month. He conducted his lecture in SSC member’s Phil Hartvig’s class (who will be going to the AWLS program this Summer). Robert discussed humanitarian programs, social media hysteria, actual numbers for wildlife and how hunters have after those. Robert Deitz's son just entered High School, so he asked the principle if he could give a presentation on conservation and wildlife and what hunters do for that. The principle sent his email out to several teachers and one of the Biology teachers, Phil Hartvig, reached out. After speaking with Phil Robert also let him know ab

Hunters Corner - Tom Bors

SSC member Tom Bors is an enthusiast for wildlife, hunting, and conservation. He has a passion for a single-species solo-style of hunting, staying in North America, targeting deer and similar trophies, “When I was eight years old, I would tag along with relatives for deer. I come from a line of hunters, and got my hunting license as soon as I could. When I was twelve, I took down my first deer in California! I’ve been after deer here ever since. They are definitely my favorite species.” A quick trophy spotlight: California blacktail deer are prized trophies; however, they take intense effort and determined tactics to chase and harvest. Overcoming difficulties such as the scarcity of tags, we

SCI Blue Bag Program

Blue Bags have arrived. If anyone is planning an international trip and would like to fill a blue bag up, please contact Kevin Wong at 916-417-3141 or Helpful Tips: Discussions with your PH will alert you as to what items are “most appropriate” for the people in the area you will be visiting, supplies available for purchase “in country” and supplies you may have to bring, and update you on any current customs issues. Most PH’s will also be aware of and able to direct you to needy schools, clinics, villages or orphanages in their area. At present, airlines may charge significant fees for “extra” luggage. Most chapters “pass the hat” to cover the baggage costs. Some members

Clays for Kids' Ray Day

Clays For Kids (CFK) was established to teach basic firearms safety and shotgun proficiency to youth organizations. They currently sponsor Boy & Girl Scout Troops, church youth groups and other junior organizations looking for exposure to Sporting Clays. This event is dedicated to Ray Yater, who passed away in 2002. He requested that in lieu of sending flowers, donations should be made to Clays for Kids. Ray recognized that the future of our sport depends upon growing the number of kids that participate in it. This year’s event will be held on June 4th at Birds Landing Hunting Preserve. The event is free for kids, but there are limited spaces. So, be sure to sign up early. Anyone interested

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