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Pig Hunting Could Become Easier in California

By Sacramento Bee, June 25, 2018

AB 2805 could change the status of California’s wild pigs game status. Be sure to read the entire article in last month’s Sacramento Bee’s article at

" It can be a double-bonus business for the landowner. He or she receives revenue while hunters take out animals that root up fields and vineyards, destroy fencing and compete with cattle and sheep for forage.

But California's farmers say recreational hunting alone isn't solving their wild pig problem. They're pushing this summer for legislation that would allow them to exterminate more feral pigs on their properties with fewer regulations enforced by the state's game wardens.

Cremers is advocating for Assembly Bill 2805, authored by Assemblyman Frank Bigelow, R-Madera, which would change the status of California’s wild pigs from a game species regulated similar to deer, elk and bear to a new category.

The change would allow farmers to kill pigs without a hunting license or what's known as "depredation permits" — what the state's wildlife agency normally issues when game animals damage property."

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