An Upland Game Bird Hunting Experience

By Ryan Watts SSC Board Director On November 5th, two of my daughters and I had the wonderful experience of being able to go hunting together. Tori who is 14 and Alex, who is 11, had never really used a shotgun and when presented with the opportunity to learn to hunt birds at the Birds Landing Annual Youth Pheasant Hunt, we jumped on it. The morning started with a safety brief and introduction to our instructor/guides. The kids were then handed 28g shotguns, sporting ammo, and taken to the sporting clay range for the first stage of the training. The instructor spends the next hour teaching the girls (one on one) how to track, lead and take down a bird with one shot. Alex, being the smallest

Father-Daughter Deer Hunt

By Ryan Watts SSC Board Director Deer hunting this season couldn’t have started off better. We had a light snow fall across the Sierras and the deer were on the move. My 17-year-old Izzy, is an avid hunter, (already with several deer under her belt), was all too eager to get up at 0 dark 30 and heap up to the frigid air in search of dinner. We were luck this year, in that Izzy drew a Doe Tag for D-5, therefore the odds of seeing a viable candidate were high. Though, unlike the grazing deer we see daily in the foothills, these black tail are skittish and elusive. The morning hunt was turning out to be a bust. We had seen several does, but either on the move or in too thick of an area for a c


By Amy Dickman I am a lifelong animal lover and vegetarian for whom the idea of killing animals for fun is repellent, and have committed my career to African wildlife conservation. You might, therefore, expect that I would have been thrilled with Donald Trump's suggestion -- influenced apparently by media and animal rights pressures -- that he could decide against the US importation of trophy-hunted elephants (and possibly other species such as lions). However, I am fearful that impulsive and emotional responses to trophy hunting -- no matter how well-meaning -- could in fact intensify the decline of species such as lions. There is no doubt that iconic African species are in serious trouble

Hunter's Corner Columnist

Many of you have gotten to know our monthly Columnist Grant Carson, through interviews and his stories. Grant is now a full time student in college and will be devoting his time towards his studies. Because of his dedication to the chapter as our monthly Columnist and Event Photographer, Grant was awarded ‘Member of the Year’ for 2016. The Sacramento Safari Club Board would like to express our appreciation to Grant. We wish him all the best! Going forward, we encourage our members to submit pictures and stories of their hunts with family and friends. This is a hunting community and a place to network. Please submit columns to Colleen Cline at if you would like to share

Sacramento Safari Club 39th Annual Fundraiser

Everyone should have received their invitations in the mail to our March fundraiser on March 17th (note: there was a date typo on the postcard). You can mail in your postcards to reserve tickets and/or tables, or buy them on our website at All tickets will be held at Will Call / Check-In, unless you request to have them mailed to you by February 28th. Programs and list of hunts should be finalized and released shortly. If you have not “liked” our page on Facebook, be sureto do so. Hunts and unique auction merchandise will be announced there as well. This year we have an open zone antelope tag. In the past, we have auctioned these open tags vi

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