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SSC Member Meeting Recap

Thank you everyone who showed up for the Annual Membership meeting this last Saturday. Thank you, Ernie Dosio, for opening your trophy room for all of us to admire!

Guest speaker was Brett Johnson of Veterans Sportsman Alliance. This organization is dedicated to giving back to those who served our country by sponsoring rewarding outdoor adventures such as hunting and fishing trips, as well as other guided events. All outfitting supplies (rifle, scopes, etc.) are donated to the veteran on their trip, so they can use this equipment again. VSA is all about retention – they keep in touch with their veterans and invite them back year after year. This is a truly special program that works primarily on donations. If anyway is willing to donate hunting / fishing supplies or trips, please contact Brett at 408-499-4138 or via email at You can read more about Brett’s organization at

Treasurer Tony Cline provided the annual Treasurer’s report. Although there are still some outstanding expenses, following is a breakdown of where we currently are:

• Our 2018 fundraiser was down compared to previous years. 2015-2107 our chapter is averaging bringing in between $35,000 and 40,000. This year, we are looking at $23,725. • There are still $2,000 left the club needs to pay out in rebates to our outfitters who donated hunts to the program. • The club currently has an account balance of $48,144. This is after paying National our 30%. • The Board is changing strategy to add other events throughout the year. More and more clubs are having dinners, which can drain the uniqueness of our event. If anyone has a recommendation, please send those to Don Giottonini at

Officers and Board members that were up for term renewal were:

  • Kevin Wong, 1st Vice President

  • Paul Dal Porto, Director

  • Vance Gilley, Director

  • Aaron Armstrong, Director

  • Dan Birch, Director

  • Cal Ryan, Director

We had a few write-ins who will be contacted and announced in the next newsletter. Decision on Board Officers will be held at the next Board meeting.

President Don Giottonini discussed the import bill that is going around. He is meeting with a Senator at the end of April to explain what conservationists and hunters do. That is what our focus has been – working and convincing officials on the benefits of hunting. Sacramento Safari Club is leading the way to fight the battle and we have data to back it up!

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