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Hunter's Corner: Jamie Susslin

Life is busy for everyone, especially the SSC type, however, devoted SSC Board Director Jamie Susslin showed remarkable professionalism and integrity by responding to my interview call while out in the woods on a hunting trip. “Let’s do this article!” I was surprised and excited to hear the words.

SSC Member Jamie Susslin has been a huntress from the start. Receiving a BB gun at age 6 when she lived in Pennsylvania, she could enjoy the pursuit of the classic little critters, birds, chipmunks, and squirrels. She graduated from BB to bullet when she received a .22 rifle at 10 years of age. Children treasure their first firearm experiences, which are essential to developing skills and nurturing the passion of hunting and shooting for the rest of their lives. Jamie still has her first target she shot with her .22.

Mrs. Susslin has traveled worldwide pursuing plainsgame in Africa and

conquering mountains in New Zealand for chamois and tahr, on top of taking lower forty-eight classics like elk and deer. She proudly recounts her safari in South Africa as her most memorable hunt, recalling the indescribably epic experience, from the magnificent trophy of a Zebra that now compliments the colors of her home, to the overall adventure of the safari that few people in the world will ever experience, or even try to comprehend. A hunter who has experienced Africa will understand why SCI is named “Safari Club” and not “Hunting Club.” Jamie has concentrated much of her hunting efforts on the California classics, taking Blacktail deer with a bow, turkeys with bow and shotgun, and wild boar. Her dream trophy to pursue someday would be the majestic Red Stag.

Camaraderie and the outdoors are the two major themes which Jamie enjoys most about hunting. “Being out in nature, you experience things other people would never see.” The wild is unpredictable, and Jamie always looks forward to, and thus expects, the “unexpected” during her hunts.

Time must have flown for Jamie, as she had to think for a moment for how long she has served on the board. A year or two turns into a decade, and after consideration, Jamie surprised herself and reported ten years of service on the board. Time flies when you’re having fun hunting!

Mrs. Susslin emphasizes hunters’ roles as conservationists and cites their numerous ways of support for wildlife. Whether volunteering for one of the scientifically and politically oriented hunting organizations like SCI, or funding management agencies and organizations through simply purchasing a hunting tag, hunters keep herds healthy, citizens organized, and government on point. Jamie stresses the significance and necessity of recruiting women into the hunting arena. “When you get the women, the children will follow,” she explains. I have witnessed the indescribable excitement of entire families who brought their children to SCI’s recent Clays for Kids “Ray Day” event at Birds Landing. In all these efforts, Jamie is happy to have “opportunities to continue our hunting heritage.”

Whether volunteering her efforts in the club, climbing a mountain for a high-altitude trophy, or simply taking in the sights and sounds of nature anywhere on the globe, Jamie Susslin is a huntress at heart who seeks adventure and works to keep the hunting heritage alive and well for generations to come.

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